Elegant, Refined Comic Book Girl in Dior Sets Fashion, Literature Worlds Ablaze

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An exclusive adaption from the Dior and I documentary has hit retailers this month in the UK and USA, writes After Nyne’s Caitlin Gorman.

The creative and impressive telling of the Dior story of Girl In Dior has been produced in comic book form by the talented graphic novelist Annie Goetzinger.

The fictionalised biography has already proved to be hit in Europe, telling the classic tale of Christian Dior and the commencement of Dior itself. The comic book, full of beautiful illustrations is said to gorgeously capture the essence of the tale through the eyes of a young fashion journalist.

Girl in Dior wittily chronicles the journey of a fictional journalist named Clara. While following her experiences as she is enlisted to report upon Christian Dior’s seminal 1947 show, to which she catches the eye of the Christian Dior himself.

The retrospective book features beautiful detail in Goetzinger’s designs as she renders the nostalgic nipped waists and full skirts of Dior’s infamous silhouettes, giving evidence for her reputation as one of France’s most respected graphic novelist. Goetzinger appears to have been producing comics since the 1970s to which Girl in Dior respectfully lives up to her standard of elegant, refined and classic styles.

She states that “I could have talked about Dior’s life from his birth until his death, but what interested me, obviously, was that adventure in high fashion which took place between 1947 and 1957”, giving reason for her alternative yet creative take on the illustrations and the telling of the classic tale.

The wonderfully illustrative comic book is set to be a phenomenal take on a stunning creative life of achievement.

Image source: Forbidden Plant