How to bat off those ‘you look tired’ comments <3

Tiredness is a 21st century phenomenon. Our lifestyle correspondent Victoria Watson gives you tips on how to bat off those ‘you look tired’ comments.

Why do people ask dumb questions? More importantly, how should you respond? Like this!

  1. “It’s all the hot sex I’m having.”
  2. “I know, but being a vampire is so worth it.”
  3. “Do I? Explain, in detail.”
  4. “Didn’t you know? Friends is on Netflix now.”
  5. “I think I’m ill, can I go home?” *Simper*
  6. “Modern life, am I right?”
  7. “I’m totally exhausted from pretending to care.”
  8. “You should try teaching sometime.” This will only work if you’re a teacher.
  9. “In other words, ‘I look like crap’.”
  10. “I started Reese Witherspoon’s skincare regime and I have to get up at 5am to leave the house for 8:30am.”
  11. “I’m up late every night building my craft jewellery business. I thread acid smileys onto cord and sell them on Etsy.”
  12. “You look like you’re having trouble minding your own business.” Follow this up with either a bitch face or a super sweet smile, either will work.
  13. “How about you? Do you feel alright?” Accompany this with a worried expression.
  14. “I’ve been thinking a lot about Syria, Ebola and American gun laws.”
  15. “I’m fine but we’re all showing the strain, aren’t we?”
  16. “Do you really want to know why?”
  17. “I’m not tired, I’m the before shot on a photo shoot.”
  18. “Liz Lemon was wrong, we can’t have it all.”
  19. “I had a hard time last night, I was trying to find a good place to hide the body.”
  20. “Yeah, but didn’t we have fun last night?” Follow this with a wink and try not to giggle when the person looks confused.

No tea, No shade – but you look tired. xo