“Take Me There” – The Hunt for Explanations Through Fragmentation

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Take me There, the first UK exhibition for artist Christoffer Joergensen (b. 1978) will take place at Gallery Elena Shchukina from 8th May 2015. The show features ten photographic works, which explore the process of combining images to trigger ones imagination.

Joergensen believes that two images can be juxtaposed to alienate each other just enough to create a form that can prompt the observers imagination. This thought provoking exhibition encourages the viewer to go on a hunt for explanations when they are confronted with the fragmented series of crowds, of nature or of the world.

The title of the exhibition, Take me There, plays on the idea of being transformed in to a fractured world. The viewer is taken on a journey by the artist- to a ‘place that is not yet specified by a name.’ This place will be different for each person; Joergensen wants the viewer to have a say in naming the place that the artwork stands for.

Autumn 2014

The work, Die Vereinigug, (2012) is unsettling. Two photographic prints, of a carnival scene and a lone figure of an ice hockey player have been manually cut into strips and then woven together to form a thought provoking composition. The processes employed in creating this work contradict the unnerving nature of the image; the fractured surface juxtaposing with the powerful image.

This exhibition will also showcase a recent video work News Invasion. Images of violent events have been digitally combined with news anchors in the safety of their studios. The violence is leaking into the neutral space of the media. In this claustrophobic work, Joergensen has attempted to close the gap between the newsroom and the news event.

Take me There is a carefully curated exhibition. The layout creates a new mental space; the spaces between the works allow the viewer a moment to reflect and to contemplate.

Christoffer Joergensen: Take me there opens 8 May until 3 July 2015 at Gallery Elena Shchukina, 10 Lees Place, Mayfair, London W1K 6LL


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