“Colours” A Brand New Body of Work by Tim Fowler at London West Bank Gallery

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London West Bank Gallery present the private viewing of “Colours” opening tonight – a solo show by contemporary artist Tim Fowler featuring a brand new body of work. “Colours” highlights a departure in style and language from the artist’s earlier architectural series. Both domestic lovers of the artist’s work and new audiences alike will recognise a shift in approach and perspective to a one of painter who seeks to push the limits of his creative capacity, not just tangibly but also conceptually.

Tim Fowler on his new exhibition:

“I have recently started a series of portraits based on photos of victorian people and people from the 1940’s. Even though this is totally different subject matter from my previous work, the bold juxtopositioning of colours and mediums keeps very much in the style of ‘Tim Fowler” says the artist.

“My paintings are partially recognisable images distorted with strong colour and abstract elements. I try to capture something deeper, as apposed to literal representation.”


“The combination of their old fashioned iconic hair styles and clothing with my contemporary style of painting has produced some intriguing results. My approach to painting is dynamic. I work on a number of pieces at a time, therefore the same colours can be seen throughout a number of paintings. I am currently going through a ‘purple phase’ which has swept through my current body of work.”

Fowler’s collection features his array of portraits of popular icons from the past such as; Twiggy, Louise ‘Lulu’ Brooks, Grace Kelly and many more. Most importantly, you can expect to witness the outcome of his experimentation with different mediums (i.e. spray paint, marker pens and graffiti inks), as well as making obscure partnerships between colours work to his advantage. His unique kaleidoscopic work is very much reminiscent of Warhol’s vibrant pop art.

“Colours” runs until 9th April at London West Bank Gallery in Notting Hill with a Private Viewing from 6.30-9pm tonight.
133-137 Westbourne Grove W11 2RS

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