Dead Sea Are in After Nyne’s Spotlight

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For the latest of our After Nyne Spotlights interviews, we caught up with French electro-pop outfit Dead Sea.

Their debut video crossed our desk last week, and impressed us so much that we were keen to find out more about them, and what we can expect from them in the coming year.

Introduce us to Dead Sea. Who’s in the band?

We are four in the band: Caro (singing), Charles (synthesizers), Alex (drum machines) and Julien (guitar). We’re trying to make what we imagine is the music of the future by using a wide variety of modern analog synthesizers and drum-machines, and lots of effects on the guitar. We call our music Turbo Chillwave because we consider it halfway between IDM music (Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada etc.) and rock music (My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive etc.)

When was the band formed?

A full moon night on a desert island in Indonesia, approximately two years ago.

Where did your passion for music come from?

We all started to make music motivated by the impression that it led to something beyond understanding, and it quickly became a need and a way to always look forward. No one in the band has relatives in the music industry or something like that, it’s a very personal path that imposed itself on each of us throughout the years.

Who have been your greatest musical influences?

Slowdive and Aphex Twin.

What’s the plan with Dead Sea – what are you hoping to achieve in the next year?

We released our first EP in November 2014 ( and our first video in March this year. So now the plan is to find a label, a manager and a booker. It’s time to move up a gear.

Out of all the people you’ve worked with so far, who has inspired you the most?

We always did everything on our own, so we can only inspire and be inspired by each other within the band, but it’s already a great chance to be able to feel that way. Yet we are grateful to all the people who have placed their trust in us so far.

Who would you like to work with?

We would love to work with Peter Kember, one of the founding members of Spacemen 3, which is part of our favourite bands. He recently produced last MGMT and Panda Bear albums, and they sound really great. We gave him a burned CD last year, and he wrote to tell us he enjoyed it, maybe it will happen.

What words of inspiration would you give to younger musicians?

Do you think you work hard? Work harder.

Finally – can you let us know what you’re currently working on?

We’re recording our first album. It should be finished this summer. Then we will go surfing.

(Image © Vincent Ducard)