Our Editor’s Paris Fashion Week Digest, March 9th

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It’s easy to get to this point in the Fashion Week cycle and feel a tad fatigued. At this point the runway shows scheduled for the final two days have to bring out the big guns to hold the collective interest.

Did that happen yesterday?

There were enough high points to drive us onwards, certainly. First up was Stella McCartney. We’re always pleased to see what Stella pulls out of the hat, and we feel she delivered.

Her usual cool brand of quiet rebellion was present in the mix of homely texture at one end, and achingly sexy cuts at the other. The collection was lush and left us wanting more.

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Next up was Veronique Branquinho. Now this was a collection that got us very excited indeed.

Having travelled through the masculine cycle on Sunday it was beautiful indeed to see a designer so invested in bringing the ladylike to the forefront.

It could had been prim..but it wasn’t. In colour, length and layering, Branquinho’s lady is a dark fantasy..she lures you in, making you want to peel back her layers and dive in. The 70s obsession that has fed SS15 is carried through into AW15 but it’s not tired. Far from it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 17.09.13

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If we had a disappointment, it was over at Sonia Rykiel. Julie de Libran’s trademark sensuality was strangely absent in a collection that treaded a little too carefully. It remains to be sent whether the striking silver pants have life beyond the runway.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 11.25.46

Finally came Yves Saint Laurent. Slimane’s rock star excess always makes us smile. Even at it’s most flamboyant, this was another collection that had star quality…wearable..striking..characterful. This is statement wear that’s shocking, yet elegant…the Saint Laurent girl demands you look, and keeps your interest. She’ll forget you in an instant..but you’ll never forget her.

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And with that we move into Tuesday. Don’t forget to tweet us your Fashion Week highlights at @After_Nyne