New York Fashion Week: What to Expect on the Final Day

Who we’re watching:

Thursday’s here!

The Final day of MBFW has arrived and in just 24 Hours it’ll be our turn to show the world how Fashion Week is done!

So yesterday we recommended Anna Sui – and boy did she deliver. So, if you missed it…


Who’s on the cards for today then?

While we expect designers such as Ralph Lauren & Calvin Klein to produce some amazing shows, we’ve got our eyes on one collective in particular; Art Hearts Fashion.

Not only are they brining us the freshest artistically inspired designers such as Walter Mendez, Hallie Sara & Mimi Tran they are all raising money for an incredible cause.

Art Hearts Fashion was established in 2011 and has grown to become a premier platform for artistic designers to showcase their incredible work in a contemporary setting – the money raised from the shows is to help raise AIDS awareness & support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Because, we all love fashion with a cause right?

You can catch the show at 5pm est. (11pm for the Brits) via the Mercedes Benz live stream. Tell your friends, tell your family and just generally spread the word for this great cause.

That’s us done for New York Fashion Week (totes emosh) we’ll be reporting to you all from London starting tonight (AAAHHHHH!)