Bionic Is The New Black……….And After Nyne Loves It

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 14.24.47She sings like a dream, has a wardrobe of couture costumes that would make Lady Gaga scream in style envy.

Showing off her long, toned limbs and moves to rival Beyonce’s, Latvian born Viktoria Modesta made her powerful presence felt last Sunday night. Her debut single aired on Channel 4 during the X Factor final becoming a viral sensation.

The video was marketed as a “cure” to the “painfully dull manufactured pop” of X Factor. The channel paid £200,000 to run a clip from Viktoria’s single, watched by just 10 million viewers…so if there ever was a inspiration to come from the music scene, Miss Modesta would be it. The reason? She is an amputee with a prosthetic left leg.

Featuring a series of unique, and not the typical prosthetics to go along with her fashion-forward outfits, the 26-year-old is determined to use her body and past to challenge Britain’s perceptions of disability. “Forget what you know about disability,” reads the text at the start of her video. And by the end of the debut of “Prototype” we 100% do, and the name Viktoria Modesta is fully etched in our minds. Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 14.26.31

Viktoria had her voluntary leg amputation aged 20, after it was damaged during birth, and endless unsuccessful surgeries. She treats her amputeeism as empowering in her own words, and a part of her artistic expression, which can excite and influence — not an accident of nature that would demand sympathy. She defies being categorised and makes us re-think meaning of the word ‘disabled’.

Part of her ferocious retro-futuristic image Viktoria wears a number of future-esque prosthetic limbs, like the crystal adorned leg she wore during the Paralympics closing ceremony, performing for billions. Not bad for a high school dropout, a self confessed misfit as she averted her focus, drive and self-education into music, modeling and art direction.

Disability aside, and not that you even notice her prosthetic limb, her style alone would be enough to create a stir in a over saturated music industry. She has given designer Phililp Armstrong incredible exposure by wearing his designs, sat front row at the 2014 Paris fashion with Vivienne Westwood herself no less, and made an appearance in the pages of Vogue Italia.

And, if you need any more reasons to take note of Viktoria? She can kick just about any tired dull pop divas to the curb with a fierce Swarovski-clad prosthetic leg. She is seriously shaking up the pop scene and in the absolute fiercest, most inspiring way possible.

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